Recordings by Cathy Palmer include:

Recordings with Connemara-


"Beyond the Horizon" (Available through Blix Street Records)

"Miss Kitty's Christmas"

"Siren Song" (Wammie Award Winner. Available through Blix Street Records and by ordering through

Recordings with MoonFire-

"Fiddler Play the Light" (Cathy's solo album with accompaniment by members of MoonFire)
"Present, Past, and Future" (Wammie Award Winner. Available through CD Baby and by ordering through

Recording with Bill, Christa, and Abigail Palmer-

"Wine in the Knitting Bag" (Available by ordering through and through Abigail Palmer's website:

Cathy  can also be heard on various other recordings by various artists  including Grace Griffith, Zan McLeod, Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer, and  Jody Marshall.

Book of all original music by Cathy  Palmer: "The Kiss of the Fiddle" ($12, available by contacting Cathy,  via email: